strange autobiographies 1

Maria is a bright girl, her mother is a mother and her father is a father. She also has a
brother, and, no doubt, a cat. She also has a boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend. She has
friends. They are coupled, signed, straight, gay and virgin. Maria doesn’t care. In fact, if

only she could, she would not care about anything. But she can’t. Maria cares if her environment is healthy, if her family and friends are alright, if her cat is happy and her toilet is clean.
At times Maria wonders. She wonders why people still justify killing another people, why
people hide anxiety, why gay is still a tabu in some countries. It doesn’t make sense­ thinks Maria.
Of course, Maria is at times concerned. She is not deeply concerned, like the majority of
political leaders, she is just concerned. She is concerned about children not having access to education, women not being fenced from violence and the world not being protected from ridiculous leaders.
Besides that, Maria is also concerned about very normal things. She is a normal girl, just
like everyone else. She worries if her armpits are hairless, if her face is pimple less, if her
breath is fresh. Maria wants to appeal but at the same time Maria would be the first to buy a gadget that makes one invisible.

Maria is fascinated by the world. The development of technologies, the achievements of science, the artificial intelligence. At the same time Maria doesn’t understand why there are still no solutions found for essential problems like: female tights that always break, smart phones that always die, and safe contraception. What the actual fuck thinks Maria.
Maria learned that the world doesn’t function the way Maria imagines. When she takes an umbrella, it never rains, when she has textile shoes, it always rains, when she is on time, she is late, when she is late, she is late. Her friends can confirm.But she is not frustrated: if life gives you lemons, make a lemonade reads Maria on a t-shirt.

She doesn’t learn German because once she will finally finish learning it, Oxford scientist
will introduce 5 easy ways to learn German. She is convinced.
But at the core of her core Maria still believes. She lives and believes that people like Trump will find better hair and career solutions, that guns will be forbidden and kindness will  be nourished.

Maria is just a normal girl with very normal hopes.

this is one of the texts I wrote about myself in a frame of a creative writing workshop.

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