Dear friends, blog follower and random visitors,

as you can see, my last blog entry dates back to spring 2018. This is due to my turbulent life. From that time on I had managed to get married, finish my Bachelor degree, start with a Master degree, found a collective and get involved with many other exciting things.

As time passed, I have realized that my work activities need a separate platform in order to stay accessible and organized, so I have created a portfolio website There you can learn about me, my last work updates, schedules and achievement.

Meanwhile, I have started to write for Balletristic – an online magazine in Russian about dance. Following the link you can see all my entries.

Having these new sharing platforms and massively lacking time, I decided to dedicate this year of MART to sharing things that inspire, challenge, disturb or change me. I hope such an egocentric concept can be useful for some of you.

So let’s give it  a try and see what comes out ❤

All the best to the once who finished reading this,

Sincerely yours,


P. S. If there is anyone who would like to share their materials through my blog or social platforms, I will be more than happy to help. Just drop me a message at





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