What did I do?

So you already know that in March and April 2017 I was living in Frankfurt, doing an Internship at the Dresden Frankfurt dance company, if not you can read about it here and here.

Now comes the time to reflect on what I have been doing afterward in May and June 2017:


I’ve been working with the director of my dance department/choreographer Rose Breuss and performing her work , the trio Intricate trajectories in Linz, Bratislava and Vienna.

The reworked version by Damian Cortes and Rakhal Herrero was presented in a frame of KUG project in Graz.

photo: Andi Kurz

I did another dance/music project “Bauhaus tanzt” with my ex-classmate Anna Possarnig and members of Studio Fugu. Here is our little trailer:

Next to that I’ve been working on creating media content for the Tanzhafen festival 2017.  You can see videos and photos that I took at Tanzhafen media channels, for example Youtube. Here is one of them.




With my other classmate Kamil  I have organised and realised first part of the UPdance project.

You can discover more about it on our Facebook page. Feel free to follow and support us!

photo:Jacek Dżako

Next to that I was teaching, doing some organisational work, meeting new people, attending auditions, events and performances. In the past two month I slept at 12 different places, traveled to 7 different cities and performed at least 8 times.

There are already plans for an upcoming season and I hope there will be many more interesting projects and events to come! Many thanks to my parents, boyfriend, friends, teachers, strangers for kind words and support ❤

featured photo:Jacek Dżako

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