Frankfurt- text review

Exactly in February 2017, the last semester of study obligations at my lovely Anton Bruckner University was over and I went to so-called free drifting. As it later turned out free drifting doesn’t have much to do with having lots of free time. On the contrary, the last disappears into numerous trips, works, and organization. Busy with all that I had no opportunity to share what have I done in this intensive time of my life, but now when I finally want to isolate myself into holidays and libraries, sharing my adventures could be the right thing to do.

So my freedom has started with an internship at the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company which I joined for more or less two months. During this time, I have lived in two different places and travel to two different cities: Cologne, to visit my aunt and Linz, to perform at the Rubble master. Let’s stop here and talk about what has happened to me in Frankfurt:

Part One. Sickness

On the second day of my life in Frankfurt, I got sick as I wasn’t sick since a very, very long time in my life. I was sitting alone on the dirty airplane alike toilet floor of my dormitory room at night, feeling sick but being afraid to throw up, calling Thomas at 4 am and watching an amazing movie from Pedro Almodovar called Talk to her. It was awful and it was amazing. A little reincarnation of my personality in front of the toilet seat. The next day wasn’t better: I finally puked, had very high fever, pain all over my body, a foam mattress, no money on my phone, no wi-fi in my room and dizziness anytime I stood up. Seriously I didn’t want anyone to see me in this condition but felt so lonely at once, like the whole universe was against me. At 20 pm finally came the time when I won the battle of having the internet in my room and took a painkiller. From that moment on Frankfurt life started to improve but honestly, I hated it already quite massively.

Part Two. The dorm


I have a nice friend Eliza, who said she had an amazing time at the dorm, met many new people and made friends. I have another nice friend Bogi, who said the internet is awful, everything is dirty and laundry is expensive. With such mixed expectations,I have moved in into this dramatic dormitory Ginnheimer Landstrasse 42. Here is my short feedback:

The mattress stinks. The view is nice. No coffee. My flatmate doesn’t speak English, just basic German and locks herself at night. The laundry is indeed expensive.Not really possible to meet people. They just occupy elevator in the morning and washing machine at nights. The kitchen is tiny. The fridge doesn’t close. The public transport is expensive. One month later I moved to my first WG room ever.

Part 3. The bike

Honestly, I was never an urban bike driver. I was a master of leaving my bike with no use in Linz. But in Frankfurt, where a monthly ticket costs 60euro WITH DISCOUNT I became such a bike lover, one can’t imagine. I learned to drive it with a toilet paper pack, to park it safely, to drive at night, to break the lights and cross on red sometimes. I went out on a bike with Astrid and learned how to use Astrid’s bike locker way too late.

Part 4 The internship

Even now, more than 2 months later I have very mixed feeling about the company I was joining. Certainly, it wasn’t “my place” but I learned a lot. Despite anything, I don’t want to put any judgment of the work. With some things, I agree, with some strongly disagree. What I can say for sure, it’s a place where culture and dance are supported and appreciated from the outside. I just leave it like this here and will see how the life of the company will develop.

Part 5 The fun

IMG_2032Expectedly and unexpectedly I had lots of fun and met many new, nice, sometimes strange but open minded people and finally got a chance to spend time with my dear Astrid in her city. I had nights of meeting the sunrise, having fun with strangers, Mexican shots, fancy cocktails, beers in the kitchen and a long talk about life.



Sitting on that toilet floor, I thought it was a very bad idea, to come to Frankfurt. Now, 2,5 months later, I think it was a very good idea. I had learned many new things about myself, dance and life. Again and again, I agree that being out of a comfort zone is a very big push for development.


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