Frankfurt photo review

Now, when there is just one week left in Frankfurt, it is probably a good time to have a little photo review of all the nice moments I had during my stay here.

My first month I have been staying in one of the oldest dorms in the city in a so-called student district Bockenheim. I generally enjoyed a lot my life in this area. It is cute, raw and hype at the same time. With many little shops, cafes, restaurants and kiosks.

There are many green areas in Frankfurt. Here are some pics from the Chinese garden and Palmengarten and more 🙂

After one month I moved to a shared flat and colored my hair blue, just for a minor spring change.

There are many nice, strange, charming, friendly and not so places in Frankfurt. My assumption is that it is a good city to live in. There is a strong international community, vibrant cultural life, comfortable infrastructure and reasonable pricing. Though at first sight, Frankfurt did not appear attractive to me, now I feel comfortable and welcome here.

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