Spring miracles

Every single winter of my life I am waiting for a pleasant spring miracle to happen. I am waiting for new unbelievable and crazy ideas, meetings, situations and confidence towards the brighter future. Last time it happened in Paris, where I stayed for three cold but adventures weeks. This time my reincarnation was meant to take place in Frankfurt am Main where I moved to for a 2-month internship at the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. This time, unfortunately, it hasn’t happened. Instead, I had a sad and lonely three-days day sickness at the smelly dorm room without internet. The internship was not better. Instead of inspiration, motivation, and answers, it brought a disgust, anxiety and only more questions. 

When I was 16, I thought that my life is soon to be over and if I am not succeeding yet, the game is done. After I turned 18, I realized that I am actually still young and there are lots of exciting things to be discovered. Being 21 and finishing my first degree I have realized that I have no idea what life is all about.

As in any other common young person story, I feel disconnected with an environment I have to follow. Global overload of information and great online manifestations have really less to do with the reality. Living in one of the best cities to live at worldwide, I see a cruel and unfair society where everyone just tries to survive on its own. Every day. 

I guess our parents consider themselves liberal. They enjoy to support and help us discovering the world. Could be that they didn’t have the best connection to their parents and were rather rebelling at youth. My generation doesn’t rebel, it is in fashion to support, love and appreciate our parents publicly from a young age. We don’t need to get 40 to realize that parents were always right. If there is one thing our guardians could improve is to remember not to judge us. We don’t judge our parents. We are the new generation who doesn’t really rebel and doesn’t really judge.

There are articles appearing here and there about millennials who prefer to travel and relocate rather than buy a house, a car and get married. In reality, it is the only affordable and valuable way to enrich our life nowadays. Actually, we wouldn’t mind buying a house if we only could.  

Maybe there is no spirit of my generation or even my time. So the only thing we have left is an attempt to be honest, don’t hide behind big ideas, be successful at failings and try to keep going. I am really motivated to reincarnate regular blogging. There are some exciting projects coming up soon which I will tell about later. Yesterday, the very first and hopefully last spring snow had happened. It wasn’t even sad, just cold. 


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