Bari – first fears and impressions…

Ciao guys,

It had officially been more than a week since I moved to Italy for my short-term internship and here are my first fears and impressions…


To start with, I have to mention that Italy is definitely a country of many little countries inside it and I don’t mean Vatican here, I am saying that Southern Italy is nothing like Central Italy and nothing like Northern Italy. They are all different children of the same mother and I am lucky to befriend the southern child- a region of Prugia and in particular- the city of Bari. And it is nothing like I expected it to be. It is a port city and the capital of the region. Bari is beautiful and rough at the same time. Dangerous and accommodating. Sometimes it feels like I moved here to face my challenges and fears, mostly the ones I haven’t been prepared for:


It seems like here everyone is into dogs. I am even sharing a flat with a dog myself. As I said before, I do live with a dog. Yes, it is small but yet it is a dog. All my friends know that if Maria sees a dog- Maria crosses the street. But now I can even stay calm in the kitchen next to Snoopy. Let’s see how far do I manage in overcoming my fear at the end of my stay.


Believe me or not, but there is no wi-fi at the place I stay. Again, if you know me well, part of the time I’ve spent with you, I’ve spent with my phone or my laptop. It is to be over now. I have just 20GB for 2 month, yes, I repeat, just 20GB for 2 month. I wish myself lots of luck with that!


 Gas stove

No, I am not afraid of a stove or of a gas but there is a little secret that I was advices not share. Well, I am not ashamed of it… Maria is very bad in using matches, in particular her user ability is a  bit higher than the one of a dog she lives with. If I was the primeval, the humanity would still need to survive without fire. But I did it! The hunger overtook and I set it working. Next day I bough a special long lighter though.



One child is okay but more than 3 have been threatening. What do I do here? I have a short teaching session with a group of children that are about or just starting primary school. Yes, they don’t really speak English and no, I don’t really speak Italian. But somehow it works, we get along 🙂

I guess I’ve been underestimating my abilities to teach children in German….

 Shared flat

It’s not that I am afraid of sharing my space with people. I’ve been living in a dorm for 1 year and I’ve been sharing a room with another girl and shower with 4 other girls during this time but I’ve never lived in sharing flat, especially with people that don’t understand me and who I don’t understand. But here it is: me and my Italian flatmates who just know some words in English. Considering that my room has no window and two pianos inside it, that would be stupid and uncomfortable to stay there most of my free time so I do hang around with my mates in kitchen and it is going fine, at least until today it did.

So as you see I am doing well here. Facing my fears and learning new experiences. It is nice to do it accompanied by the bright sun, delicious food and friendly people. 

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