Triple G & beat 1060 OPEN DAY

My Vienna exploration takes unpredictable turn… Last Saturday I’ve visited an open day of the Triple G and beat 1060 dance studio in Vienna and today I am gonna share my impressions: 


Beat 1060 has quite a perfect location – in the middle of Vienna, with good transport connection thanks to the train station nearby and one of biggest shopping areas in the city just around the corner.


The studio itself is approximately one year old. Newly renovated, clean with comfortable infrastructure of toilets, showers and changing rooms. There are two training spaces: one bigger, one smaller. As a person who dances for past 17 years of her life I have to say that this studios are made and equipped for dance and can easily host a group of 10-14 dancers, if not more.



Beat 1060 and Triple G were founded by a relatively young team. Why do I say relatively? Because by young I doesn’t mean unexperienced, by that I only define philosophy of the studio which is certainly free from old-stylish pre-judgments. Another attractive aspect of it is the desire and passion for dance the team has. Though it is very hard to step out from commercial sense of private studio, students here are not being considered as clients and consumers. The philosophy here is to share the happiness of movement and the pleasure of dance. As one of the Triple G co-founders Ritz said: “Dance-is a lifestyle”. So the idea is to bring dance further than one time per week learning tricks time.

Check out for the team here.


Triple G

Triple G is a very special happening that I have never heard before and I don’t think it is taking place or existing in any other dance studio. It is basically a club that unites people with passion for dance,  meaning that one doesn’t only come for a dance class but can join a community which regularly organises gatherings, parties, movie watching, flashmobs, etc. Anyone can join the club and basically there are no restrictions. Any age, gender, colour, condition is welcome.

Check out for more here.


Triple G

beat 1060 

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