How I went to Impulstanz workshops…

It has happened that for one week I was a dancer or better a student, a dance student taking workshops at the Arsenal….


As usually, I didn’t look for easy solutions. I decided to book the workshop in the very last moment, being more precise on the first day of the workshop – Monday. Obviously, it was not possible, there were no places left at the pro classes, however there were a few places left for the workshop that was coming up next week called contemporary dance class with Iiñaki Azpillaga and I booked it.


The next interesting thing I did was going to the workshop next Monday. Of course I was one step away from being late and of course I got a piece of wood in my toe that I couldn’t take out for the next 2 days but this is rather an exception. Main part of my classes went smooth. Even though the group, just as the space was very big, I felt very comfortable. It was easy to understand the teacher and follow the instructions. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. So honestly it is hard to find disadvantages of the happening.


The workshop space is called Arsenal. It is a huge complex that used to be a military base. Today  most of it is used as living space (flats) and ART for ART company. ( decorations, costume, etc.). Part of this space is being used by Impulstanz in summer.


It is really hard to recommend which workshop one should take at the festival. It depends on a person, expectations and desired outcome. The good thing is that it is possible to watch any workshop for free and change in on a first day if there are any free places left at other workshops.


As a short preview one can check out my videos from workshops presentation event of the year 2015 and 2016.

Also I prepared some tips and advices based on my and my friend’s experience  :

  • book in advance: best- first week of the registration opening, worst- 10 days in advance, especially if you are abroad (this is the latest term you can make a payment online).
  • take care of your feet
  • don’t book earliest possible workshops if you are a party animal
  • don’t book Joe Alegado workshop if you don’t appreciate Limon technique
  • take your food and water with you
  • a swimsuit maybe also
  • consider leaving your place in advance or taking a bike 🙂
  • don’t loose of forget your pass
  • be ready for new experience and exploration 🙂


Special thanks for the photos to Yoh Morishta 😉


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