Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev is a choreographer and performer from Bulgaria. His work is mixture of performance art ,dance, theatre, music, drawings and photography. Through his career artist had created more than 30 performances. Besides that Dimchev actively contributes into  development of contemporary art in Bulgaria. He is founder and director of Humarts foundation and MOZEI- independent  space in Sofia focused on contemporary art and music.

Since finishing his master studies at Dasarts academy / Amsterdam, Dimchev started to teach internationally.One of the recent choreographer’s post on FB declare: “Im Donald Trump of the dance pedagogy!!”His workshops are mostly focused on improvisation and coaching of solo creation. 

At the moment Ivo Dimchev is based in Brussels, where he has a residence in Kaaitheater and where he opened a performance space Volksroom which weekly presents international young artists.

The only work I could see from this choreographer is “Paris”, a solo performed by Christian Bakalov, carefully directed by Dimchev on stage and off stage. Cruel but realistic story about a despair destiny of an immigrant in the city of love. This work was created in 2009, quite some years before the recent crisis. Nevertheless, it is still on point, like never before.

photo : © Ivo Dimchev

bio source: http://ivodimchev.com/

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