ImPulsTanz x visual arts

A very special thing about Impulstanz 2016 is a program in which movement artist collaborate with visual artist for creation, research or workshop. Honestly I wasn’t deeply involved in this part of the festival, however I have seen a couple of performances and would like to share my experience. So here are some highlights of the dance x visual arts program of the Impulstanz 2016:

Tino Sehgal

Golden Lion winner Tino Sehgal is an artist who together with Louise Höjer and Rio Rutzinger curates a workshop series of Impulstanz x visual arts and is a mentor of danceWEB scholarship program. Wikipedia says he is a choreographer who creates dance for a museum setting. Sehgal himself describes his work as constructed situations.

For some reason Tino Sehgal doesn’t want his art to be recorded. However there are always some people like me who sneak in with a camera into the places they shouldn’t. ( out of curiosity of course). Thanks to that I could find a short recording of Sehgal’s work on web:


Kiss (2007) is the first work of Tino Sehgal exhibited in America (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago). As you can see on the video in this piece two dancers kiss and touch. The concept lies in reassembling historical “kisses”of art: Auguste Rodin’s The Kiss (1889), Constantin Brâncuși’s The Kiss (1908), Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (1907–08), Jeff Koons and La Cicciolina’s Made in Heaven (1990–91) and various Gustave Courbet paintings from the 1860s one after the other.

For the Impulstanz 2016 Tino Sehgal reproduces some of his works with DanceWeb scholarship holders at the Leopold museum. I’ve been there and have a short sneak peek for you:

This performance can still be seen at the Leopold museum until the 14th of August.

Peaches and Keith Hennessy 

Peaches and Keith Hennesy’s performance Critical Joy was quite a big happening  for Vienna, Impulstanz and me. First of all, I have to mention that it is a “perfect match” collaboration. Peaches who is a music artist working a lot with performance and visuals together with Keith Henessy -a choreographer known for his performance collages of dance, music, speech, singing ,visual arts, etc. Even from this little piece of information one can see that these two won’t have a problem working with each other.   Critical Joy, on contrary, was created with 23 other performers who just came for the 3 days workshop and weren’t preselected to be a “perfect match”team. However, I have to say that at the end it did work out, especially with a performance outdoor. Check out some live streaming from the happening on my FB page.

And here is a very short moment of the site specific performance in Mumok.

Meg Stuart and Keith Hennessy

The production called Bend is last work of the visual arts and dance program of the Impulstanz that I saw. Basically, it was an improvisation of two dance artist and one musician. Here I’ve learned that Keith’s Hennessy’s spirit animal is a turtle.


Those are just little parts of the very huge program which you can still see until the 14th of August.

Just to finish my modest post I would like to add a quotation of Tino Sehgal, which perfectly describes the necessity of a dialog between dance and visual arts:

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the live event in the field of visual art, and at the same time the dance field increasingly situates what it does within theoretical discourses coming out of visual art history. On a level of study however there is very little possibility for students of visual art to learn about composing in time and directing, and dancers and choreographers usually have little access to the operational procedures and embodied thought-styles of the art world other than reading art history and visiting exhibitions. Our workshop programme pairs artists from both fields to allow for an exchange of craft and techniques for dance as well as visual art practitioners to participate in.

Cover photo:© Daria Marchik

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