Birthday thoughts, weirdness and resolutions…

Yes, I decided to do the cheesy birthday post. Most of the bloggers talk about what have they learned by that time of their life and what they would like to learn. I decided to give it a chaotic twist and just share what comes to my mind on this day I become “American adult”:

When other people have New Year resolutions I have birthday resolutions. This time  there are a few:

  • Stop touching pimples on my face. This is a really stupid habit of mine that damages my face and gets on my nerves. I certainly need to get rid of it.
  • It’s official, I do want to learn German. For real.Let’s see was ich sage what I say in one year.
  • I want to get more organized with my trips, especially with the luggage. Overweight is not cool, in any field of my life.

I think it is also important to share some things that I’ve learned…

Changing hairstyles is great! There was not even once that I had a regret about changing my hair. First of all they grow relatively fast, second of all you can always cut it short or even shave it off and become part of some social action that supports people who have hair problems. A win-win game!

World is huge. Traveling is one of the greatest things that had happened to me. Even when I missed the train, when my flight got delayed, when the hostel was shit and nothing seemed to be working, it did work and it did open my mind.

And some things to learn about me:

Not so many people know about it but when I am lazy and can’t push myself into doing stuff (wake up, start cleaning, go to a party) I count until 20 in my head. From today on I will count until 21. I am doing it since I am 17 and not planing to give it up, so if you hope I will get more punctual with age, don’t hope! By the time I am 60, I will need 1min before taking the action I am supposed to take. (like getting ready for a meeting with you)

Another weird thing that I am not planning to change is that I eat chocolate for breakfast. In fact, I don’t know if it is really strange but I haven’t met too many people who do that. Chocolate habits make us special, no need to give them up!

The last by not least is my birthday attitude.

I think it is not necessary to celebrate me on my birthday but it is important to celebrate the ones who contribute into my life: my parents ❤, my family, my boyfriend and my friends , my cat and everyone else who I meet through my trip.


And the last…

I am not already 21, I am just 21!


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