ACTS/ Ecole de danse contemporaine Paris

Wanted to tell already long ago that I was not only sightseeing in Paris, I was part of the short exchange between my university and ACTS school in Paris. Even though it was only two weeks I have some experience to share and definitely can give a first look at the situation.

General info about school:

ACTS is rather a young institution with a 3 years dance program which aims to prepare a company level dancer. At the end of the study, a student gets an equivalent to a diploma, which is not a degree but a valuable paper in France. One cannot teach with it but can be considered a professional dancer as I understood. As I mentioned before, the course is designed to prepare a student to enter the company, in another word it means that the institution helps the dancer to join internships, which usually leads to a job contract. This process is usually happening in 3rd year of study, first 2 years are mostly practice, practice, practice…

The day in ACTS looks like…

Technical classes in the morning: ballet, Graham etc. and a workshop in the afternoon… normally the load is 6 hours (9-16 with 1-hour lunch break)

During guest teacher/ choreographer period afternoon workshop is taken over by the invited person. Though when I was there the entire day was taken by choreographers but as I understood from students it is rather an exception.

Students are…

The atmosphere is rather friendly. The age and the origin of students really vary, which I consider a good sign.

Why should one go to ACTS school?

  • Famous and relevant guest teachers
  • Competent house teachers
  • Connections to dance companies and overall high support of students wishing to explore outside world (internships, exchange, workshops and so on)
  • Paris ( at least for me)

What should one consider planning to go to ACTS school?

  • French is a must, certainly no go only with English
  • Price- since it is not a government school the tuition fee is a subject to consider


P.S . The best experience is your own experience. Just do it 🙂

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