Paris #4 Party and the Pantheon

So I am sick but my little adventure in Paris continues…

I start my story from the Friday of last weekend when my Russian friends, not from Russia came to visit me in Paris. Despite our overcomplicated finding each other we had a great time.

First, party at the Showcase- a club in Paris under the bridge. Might sound bad but, in reality, it’s a great venue. If you got plenty of time to check stupid videos here I’ve got party report video. And here is a great pic of me putting my hands up in the air:


In fact, that was a 24-hour happening because I couldn’t sleep when I got back home 8 in the morning. So my day or just the continuation of the night lead me to the Pantheon. Unfortunately, my phone was not really taking pictures, I could only get photos of the area around me. Basically, it is like a little Rome in Paris.

image1 [120129]image2 [120130]

About the Pantheon itself… it is  an interesting and calm destination to go… almost like a cemetery because basically it is a place or church where the outstanding people are buried. And in the middle of this huge construction stands a reproduction of the Foucault’s pendulum which proves rotation of the Earth, very interesting to observe once you got it.



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