Paris#3 Center Pompiduo and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s work

Hello. I am back …

So…To start with I had finally uploaded the video from Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s work. You can see it here.

The performance is called Work/Travail/Arbeid. In short the work is about translating dance performance into an exhibiting object. Dancers from Rosas and musicians from Ictus were basically performing 9 hours each day. As already seen on my video the space problem was perfectly solved by putting away classical frontal observation of the piece.The time problem left me in doubts. Even though the happening suggested any time  enter, so the start and the end were up to me to decide, the composition and the dramaturgy was overcoming my decisions. There were many people who entered in the middle of performance but so few who left before the end…

Center Pompidou is rather a famous institution and I am not planning to talk too much about it. However if you are like me… it is interesting to know that it is named after the politician- former French president George Pompidou. Another important detail is that it’s actually not just a museum of contemporary art. In fact, it is really a center which hosts the library, the museum of modern and contemporary art, the restaurant, the cafe, cinema and more.

As seen from the random structure of my post my main interest was the Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s work but no doubt I dropped by the other exhibiting objects and took some interesting pictures of some elegant ladies for you:


As you can see even before the Photoshop was invented, the vision of woman was lets say special…


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