Dance News

Usually, there are not so many news to tell however, this weekend was dance active.

First of all, it’s Prix De Lausanne. I guess there are quite a few reasons that make this competition special. First of all, it lasts more than 1 day. As a viewer, you can observe the entire week just as if you would be there. Secondly, in this competition dancers have to basically do same things. For example, they all do same ballet class, same modern class and for the variation, dancers are usually having 3 or 4 choices.  As I said before most of the competition process could be observed through the internet. That gives you a feeling of a reality show. From day 1 you get to know and like some of the competitors and after you are feeling super sad when they did not get chosen 😦

And, of course, each year some of my Facebook friends are being part of Prix De Lausanne, that makes it even more exciting for me.

So if you want to see a small ballet reality show, feel free to follow the link

Another big news is also related to Ballet and particularly to Paris Opera. I haven’t even discovered Benjamin Millepied and he is already gone. It’s hard to make this story short but I’ll try.

So Benjamin Millepied is ( as said at Wikipedia) widely known for the movie Black Swan in which he starred, choreographed and met Natalie Portman, who later became his wife and mother of his child. Benjamin Millepied himself was born and trained basics in France, then he moved to America, trained in  School of American Ballet, got Prix de Lausanne  and joined New York City Ballet. Next to that he was always developing his choreographic skills, first for the others and later totally for himself in the L.A. Dance Project, commercially very successful. On 15 October 2014,  he became the director of dance at Paris Opera Ballet and on February the 4th 2016 he resigned. The new director of the opera house will be Aurelie Dupont.

So…video time…

Benjamin Millepied’s film showcases the Principal Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet, unique artistic personalities who express their passion through gestures and through words.

“I enjoy feeling this freedom: The pleasure of trying to go further” D. Gilbert

Acclaimed French choreographer and filmmaker Benjamin Millipied directs American dancer Billy Barry in Forest Sword’s haunting track “The Weight of Gold.”

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