My little trip to Holland and NDT audition

This weekend was a very special weekend of my life. I’ve done things that I never did before: flying to a foreign country to spend less than 48h there, visiting 4 cities in one day and taking part in NDT * audition. Here I’m gonna share my adventures with the last one.

Getting to the audition I consider rather easy. The main part of making it happen is completing an online form and being 17-21 with classical dance education. Second step is planing your trip.Both of this I did well which I’m very happy about now.


The audition itself is very simple and actually not so exiting. It started with waking up at 7 at the airbnb flat, having a cup of plain black coffee, getting to the theater and making yourself part of a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge line of dancers. There I waited for around 20 min and slowly we started to proceed to the registration. The once who were first in a line became a first ballet group and I was in second one.

In this audition you don’t get numbers on you, at registration you get your application form printed with all information about you on it. When you enter the class you give those to a commission. Then you are having a 45 min ballet class (bar, middle, jumps included). In “first ballet group” everyone was cut out and in our there were 2 lucky girls chosen and ………..I wasn’t one of those 😦

Basically this is all my NDT audition experience. To general info I can add that there were at least 4 “girls ballet groups” with around 35 people in each group. If you pass ballet you are supposed to do repertoire and if you pass this you present your solo at the end.

As I didn’t pass I can’t tell you the secret of success. The only thing I can for sure say is that it’s better to establish connection with the theater before going to the audition. By connections I mean summer workshop, open day and other activities offered by a company for young dancers.

*: NDT also known as Netherland Dance Theater is one of the most famous and successful dance company in the world. Founded in in 1959 by Benjamin Harkarvy, Aart Verstegen and Carel Birnie together with a group of 18 dancers today it expanded into 2 companies: NDT and NDT2(young).

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